Founded in 1998, Dongyoung I Optical is an eyeglass frame manufacturing and exporting company, mainly exported to Europe, the United States/Canada, and Australia for more than 20 years by OEM method, seeking a new market through price competition with Chinese low-cost frames and domestic competitors. In the meantime, the company's own brand called "GENSDUMONDE" was launched at the "Silmo" optical exhibition in Paris in 2016. Now, we have been steadily exporting two kinds of marketing methods, including the OEM method export and the "GENSDUMONDE" brand eyewear export.

GENSDUMONDE is a French language institute, which is a common meaning that Asians, including Europeans, can wear, and is >currently planning and producing spectacle frames with light and simple but pointy frames.

GENSDUMONDE is currently sold all over Europe with exclusive rights to "Variation Design", and continues to be exported to the United States/Canada with "Zig Eye" and Thailand with exclusive contracts to "Biz Eye".We are also confident that we will have an exclusive contract with distributors in new countries in the near future, as we are currently negotiating closely with "Whole Sellers" in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore through online consultations.

We are currently operating an online shopping mall (gensdumonde.shop), so we have just started online sales through BTOB (BTOC), and as new products are continuously produced and sold, we have renewed our website (www.gensdumonde.co.kr) so that consumers can refer to it in a catalog format.

Currently, GENSDUMONDE is more recognized abroad than in Korea, such as Europe, the U.S./Canada, and Thailand, and as of 2021, we want to sell it to consumers through domestic online as a good quality for price.